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Tax Preparation

Get professional tax planning and preparation for your business.

Take the stress out of “tax time.”

For business owners, filing taxes can feel like a burden that comes with the added stress of:

  • Finding and filing the right documentation
  • Getting up to speed on the latest (and constantly changing) tax laws and regulations
  • Ensuring you get all of the credits and deductions you deserve
  • Avoiding an expensive audit

But, filing business taxes doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Tax Services

Let a professional take over your tax prep.

You are a business owner. Not a tax professional. You shouldn’t be burdened with the weight of organizing, optimizing, and filing your taxes. Let a professional handle it.

A professional tax accountant can release you from the pressure of filing your business taxes.

They can give you the time to get back to your business, all with the peace of mind that your important tax tasks are in good hands.

BusinBusiness Tax Preparation ess Tax Preperation

Get expert eyes on your business’s most important tax documents.

At CFO Solutions, we have a team of highly-trained and experienced financial professionals, CPAs, and accountants who want to make tax time easier on you.

We ensure that your documents are in order so you avoid late fines and penalties, all while taking advantage of any tax benefits that are a fit for your business.

Our team is up-to-date on the latest changes and rules to tax laws to make sure you are compliant and getting the best benefits and financial insights for your business.

Why choose CFO Solutions?

When you work with CFO Solutions on your tax preparation, you get:

Access to a team of financial experts – not just tax accountants

A highly communicative partner who offers financial insights unique to your business

Expert advice on how to make business decisions that impact tax liability

A completely digitized process that securely collects and files your documentation

Tax Planning

What’s it like to work with CFO Solutions?

When you work with CFO Solutions, you are in good hands from start to finish.

  • Don’t wait until tax time to call us because we can help you identify ways to reduce tax liability right now.
  • Kick off with a discovery call where we get to know you and your business.
  • Our team reviews your last two to three years of tax returns.
  • We collect relevant documents from you using a secure, online system.
  • We stay in close contact while we complete your return.
  • We review your tax return with you TWICE so you can be sure you understand the implications of every detail.

To make things easy, all of these steps are included in a fixed fee from the start. You won’t have any surprise bills from our team!

“[CFO Solutions] has allowed us to focus on running and growing our business without getting bogged down with the bookkeeping and accounting tasks that take up so much time.”

Robert E.

“Susan from CFO Solutions, has been a god-send for my startup company.”

Lori T.

“Great company with a lot experience and knowledge. Highly recommended for your business and personal needs.”

William K.

Get tax preparation from a real partner.

At CFO Solutions, our goal is your success.

I’m Susan Nieland, founder of CFO Solutions. I built CFO Solutions to help busy business owners get back to running their business and their lives with more time and clarity.

Our team is made up of a group of experienced financial advisors who strive to give you the time and insights to run your business to the best of your ability. We look forward to helping your business find more success.

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Get professional tax planning and preparation services.

Schedule an intro call with our founder, Susan Nieland to see why CFO Solutions is the right tax partner for your business.