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Piper Parker, Lead Accountant

Piper Parker loves serving her clients and making an impact on their business.

Rather than seeing herself as an accountant, she sees herself as a member of her client’s management team. She is easy to work with and doesn’t get flustered easily. Her unshakable integrity makes her a great asset to every client.

Piper is a Lead Accountant at CFO Solutions, and she brings many years of experience to our team. She is a CPA with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Tuskegee University. She has a variety of experience working as a staff accountant as well as a real estate controller.

She found her way to accounting when a high school teacher sparked her interest in the profession. It’s also why she enjoys teaching accounting and mentoring others. She loves teaching basic accounting theory, motivating her team, and helping others grow their careers.

In her free time, Piper spends time pursuing her passion for yoga and animals. She is a yoga teacher, and she volunteers at animal shelters, fosters pets, pet-sits for friends, and spends time with her 13-year-old cat. She also loves to travel. Piper plans at least one international trip per year and enjoys getting to know new cultures through their food.

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