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Rabeea Ahmed, Accountant

Rabeea AhmedRabeea Ahmed is someone people can count on. She makes it her priority to be helpful and always show humility and kindness.

Her commitment to helping others makes her a great staff accountant at CFO Solutions.

Rabeea found her way to CFO Solutions after getting her bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Illinois at Chicago and working at one of the most famous food chains in Chicago, Portillo’s Hot Dogs.

Now, Rabeea brings her expertise to CFO Solutions. She is passionate about working in the accounting field because it allows her to serve her clients. She thrives when she can genuinely help people. Her goal is to become her clients’ adviser, not just their number cruncher.

That sense of accomplishment motivates her and makes the hard work all worth it. When she isn’t at work for her clients, Rabeea enjoys spending time with her family.

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