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What’s a Fractional CFO? Does Your Business Need One?

When you start a business, you wear many hats. In fact, you may wear all the hats. Your expertise may be in a specific field, but you must also embrace every role involved in running a business — and that…

3 Things to Consider to Get Your Business Ready for 2021

It’s Q4 2020. How are you feeling about 2020 so far? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Concerned about your business’s future? All the above? This year has been a year like no other. One might describe it as unprecedented. Regardless, if you are…

The 6 Essential Financial Metrics Every Business Owner Must Know

Essential financial metrics help you answer important questions about your business. Is your company doing well? Are you as profitable as you could be? Are your sales growing as you expected? Do you have enough cash at the end of…

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